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HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) Charitable Trust, New Zealand’s leading NO KILL animal shelter urgently needs rebuilding!

Haywards LandOur latest news on the new shelter

There is a change in the location! We are no longer shifting to Manakau but we have had our offer accepted for 157 acres of land on Haywards Hill. We are so excited, we will never outgrow this spot, and will even be able to provide the community with an off-leash forest Park to use and enjoy! We are currently going through the due diligence stage, but hope to settle and start building ASAP. And to complete our puzzle of growth, we have also been given the to take possession of the Stokes Valley Vet Clinic, a family run business that has been loved and admired by its clients for around 40 years. We hope to continue to be an asset to the community and make Ian and Lorna proud as they hand over the keys in the coming weeks.

So watch this space. Your generous donations are being put to great use and continue to be needed and appreciated – please consider HUHA and the difference we are making to so many animals when you are in a position to donate. Contact us on if you have questions or ideas or want to be involved. See


New Zealand’s leading ‘no-kill’ animal shelter


Helping you help animals (HUHA) is dedicated to teaching empathy to the community and providing shelter for those less fortunate animals that struggle to survive in today’s disposable culture. The sanctuary is fun and interactive in many ways, designed to encourage our community to be proactive and take responsibility for the welfare of animals and the protection of our unique environment. HUHA actively works everyday to find homes and foster care for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals. We’re here to help you help animals.

HUHA (Helping You Help Animals)

Charitable Trust: CC47396

ANZ 06 0529 0764879 00

For legacy information, please click here


Why are they still here?

Four months ago, HUHA took in seven of the most wonderful dogs in the shelter. They were eight months old then and were unfamiliar with people but oh so happy in this world. Four months later and they love and trust people and can walk with a halti and lead – they tear out to play together each day and they are free of care and are happy.

They have the most wonderful temperaments, have passed all that naughty small puppy stage but still have all the delight and joy that puppies have for the simple things in this world.

There are now still three girls (Heidi, Sadie and Daisy) and two boys (Roger and Dudley).

So why has no one taken them? Well, they all have varying degrees of hip dysplasia. They are in no pain now but when they are fully mature and their bones have grown HUHA has promised to pay for surgeries that will help each dog continue on their path to a bright and pain free future. Hip dysplasia can be a manageable condition in the right home and environment. If you are looking to give an overlooked shelter dog a chance at great happiness – a dog with wonderful temperament and love of life (and so many firsts yet to experience – first beach walk, first ice cream, first sleep in front of a fire or on the couch watching Shortland Street) – oh please come and see these beautiful dogs. You will never regret the day you gave them the chance in this world for enriching happiness.

Have a look here at our blog “Who gets overlooked in our shelter?” that covers some of the things that you need to know about hip dysplasia. Ring us on (04) 392-3232 or email us at to arrange to see them. It’s such a treat, just to do that.


Out of the Labs!

Animals are used every day in New Zealand laboratories where they are seen as little more than just another piece of equipment. When they are no longer useful, those still alive are usually disposed of.

While the fight continues to ban testing on animals, HUHA and NZAVS  are asking that the government enact a mandatory animal retirement policy for animals used in research, testing and teaching — ensuring these animals are offered up for public adoption through registered rescue organisations instead of being euthanised; and that this policy also include all surplus and breeding animals.

Read more about the campaign:

Thurs 27 April, 11am-12pm at Parliament Grounds/House, Molesworth Street (on the front lawn in front of the statue)

The Out of the Labs petition handover! Over ten thousand people have signed the petition. Join us (NZAVS and HUHA) in asking the government to make a small change that would be mean a lot to thousands of animals. If you have paper petitions, please have them back to us by 10th April, but you can keep on signing the online version until 20th April:

Let’s show those who make the decisions, the face of those used for testing. No, it’s not ok.

Cats and kittens and opportunity

Is HUHA all about dogs and pigs and native birds? No – HUHA is all about everybody. We get a lot of cats and kittens coming though; pregnant Mums rescued, abandoned kittens and unwanted adults. Our cats are kept at the Kaitoke shelter and it’s hard for our adoptions page to keep up with the comings and goings.

If you are interested in a cat or kitten but you don’t see any on the adoptions page, email us on  or ring us on (04) 392 3232. If we don’t have anything when you ring (as if!), we will get in touch when we do.

There is nothing better than to see a cat that has no one, go home with someone and forever to be wanted and loved. Get in touch with us!





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HUHA relies on the generous donation of our supporters to enable us to do our important work. Our organisation is run 100% by volunteers so all donations go towards helping the animals. You can donate via bank transfer to: ANZ: Huha Charitable Trust 06 0529 0764 879 00 Please contact us to confirm your deposit, you may also wish to allocate your donation to a certain animal or project. We will send you a receipt and thank you letter on receipt of your deposit Thank you for your support and enabling us to help you help animals