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HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) Charitable Trust, New Zealand’s leading NO KILL animal shelter urgently needs rebuilding!


New HUHA animal shelter drawings

Our Otaki Shelter (we have leased for 4.5 years) has been sold and is set to be bulldozed to make way for a quarry. We have been served our eviction notice and need to be relocated by October 2016.

Thankfully we planned ahead and have bought our very own 18 acres on SH1 Manakau just north of Wellington, and we are very grateful to have achieved a recourse consent, but our land is a blank canvas and we need your help to build a facility on the bare land, so the animals that come into our care can have comfort, love and sanctuary whilst they wait for the chance of the bright future that they so deserve.


New Zealand’s leading ‘no-kill’ animal shelter


Helping you help animals (HUHA) is dedicated to teaching empathy to the community and providing shelter for those less fortunate animals that struggle to survive in today’s disposable culture. The sanctuary is fun and interactive in many ways, designed to encourage our community to be proactive and take responsibility for the welfare of animals and the protection of our unique environment. HUHA actively works everyday to find homes and foster care for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals. We’re here to help you help animals.


HUHA (Helping You Help Animals)

Charitable Trust: CC47396

ANZ 06 0529 0764879 00

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Addiction_logo Grain-free, New Zealand-made, ethically- and sustainably-sourced, non-invasive animal tested, natural, delicious and high quality dog food. Thank you to Addiction for joining us in saving lives!

In just one day!


On 22 November, HUHA rescued:



Adele – a beautiful Mum and her 8 puppies, abandoned by her owner with no water and no food

Ernest – infected with mange and emaciated

One adorable but abandoned kitten.


It’s like the dark version of the 12 days of Christmas. HUHA sanctuaries are full to bursting – there is no room at the Inn – but nevertheless, we didn’t hesitate to rescue these beings and turn their horrible, horrible lives around.

These are who you are supporting when you support HUHA – txt “HUHA” on 4463 to donate $3. We’re never going to be too tired, too busy, too full up, too broke for these guys; we’ll always get them, we’ll always find a way.


Adele the Mumma dog


Adele’s puppies

Excellence – recognised and rewarded

Horse - Piper and Samissi5 How proud we are at HUHA to have two of our volunteers recognised in the Kiwibank Local Hero awards.

Both of these extraordinary women give everything they have to HUHA – they are bright stars in our HUHA firmament but so modest, you would never know how essential they are outside of HUHA (and inside of HUHA, it’s really telling when they go on leave!).

It is hard to describe how strong, tireless, courageous, patient, passionate and dedicated you have to be, constantly, to cope with the rigours of the world of animal rescue. To Isabelle Maloret and Sam Hart – we will always love you, admire you and need you.

See their write ups here (for Issi) and here (for Sam).



Eleven HUHA tips for a calmer dog


  1. If you don’t have rescue remedy on hand, make do by brewing up some good old calming chamomile tea. Cool it down and offer it to your dog as drinking water. But if you do get to the shops to buy some rescue remedy, grab a DAP collar from the vets as it has stress-appeasing pheromones that really settle some dogs.
  2. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a good deep massage! Deep is the key as it will release endorphins and help calm your dog.
  3. Don’t enable the fear! Their worry triggers your worry … and then your worry triggers their worry! They are following your lead so try to troop on calmly, and don’t get lost in the cycle of stress!
  4. Try to keep a healthy routine. If you can, continue to exercise, as it helps. Fresh air and a positive familiar experience can really help you both.
  5. If you can’t get out, then try to keep a positive and familiar routine in the home … on the night of the Quakes we let the dogs help us bake apple crumble; it kept us busy but calmed the dogs, keeping them interested and focused and the sanctuary smelt familiar and safe.
  6. If your dog is stress panting leading to over-heating, cool him or her down Orc style (this is a trick we learnt on the set of Lord of the Rings). Wet a tea towel and ring it out. Then swirl it in the air like a helicopter blade for 30 seconds making it icy cold. Tie the icy tea towel around your dog’s neck like a bandanna. Re swirl to make icy again as needed.
  7. Distract your dogs with calming music or television
  8. Make sure your dog is on a lead if you take him or her outside, you don’t want them to get a fright and bolt away! (also make sure they are micro-chipped)
  9. Shrink his or her environment. Some dogs feel more safe, secure and settled if crated through the really scary stuff.
  10. If you don’t have a thunder shirt on hand, then try to make one DIY style. They can work amazingly well for some dogs … just like swaddling a baby or having loving arms wrapped around them. (See
  11. Talk to your vet for ideas and possible medications if things are getting really serious. Or give us a call, we are great problem solvers … and we care xx


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HUHA relies on the generous donation of our supporters to enable us to do our important work. Our organisation is run 100% by volunteers so all donations go towards helping the animals. You can donate via bank transfer to: ANZ: Huha Charitable Trust 06 0529 0764 879 00 Please contact us to confirm your deposit, you may also wish to allocate your donation to a certain animal or project. We will send you a receipt and thank you letter on receipt of your deposit Thank you for your support and enabling us to help you help animals