Meet GAEL! This face ... she is perfection. Gael is part of HUHA's farm dog rehoming programme. She is also mum to the gorgeous litter of puppies currently available for adoption. Gael is soft, playful and very very gentle. She will be happiest on a farm/lifestyle block with dog company and paddocks to roam. She… Continue reading     >


Meet NINJA This little button is part of HUHA's farm dog rehoming programme. Ninja is just the cutest pint-sized smiley girl! She has an amazing personality and is incredibly loving. Ninja needs a rural life (as a family member) and paddocks to run around in. She has lived in a rural location with horses and cows. She is not… Continue reading     >


Meet CHICKEN! We are looking for an extra special home for this gorgeous 2-year-old heading dog. When Chicken first arrived at HUHA from a farm, he was terribly ill; his immune system had gone bonkers and he was weak and anaemic. But with time, love, great vets and wonderful fosterers, Chicken is up and racing… Continue reading     >


Meet GUS! Gus is such a cool dog - he is such a dude. He thinks everything and everyone are the best things ever and he loves to play/bounce and hoon with other dogs. He plays hard so Gus will need other dogs that will keep up and rough and tumble too. Gus has great basic commands,… Continue reading     >


Meet ED Ed (Hokey's brother) is part of HUHA's Farm dog rehoming programme. Ed is a very sensitive, shy boy but very, very loving. He warms under your hands but is a little nervous at first of people he doesn't know. Ed loves to play and will benefit from living in a home with another… Continue reading     >


Meet HEIDI Sweet sweet Heidi and her siblings are part of our farm dog rehoming programme. Heidi is a big squishy huntaway with a soft heart and gentle nature. She is a little shy and so incredibly loving. Heidi loves to play, bound around in grassy paddocks and lean against you for cuddles. We just adore this… Continue reading     >


Meet DAISY Check out those ears! Daisy and her siblings are part of HUHA's farm dog rehoming programme. Daisy is such a girly, floppy, squishy huntaway. She is gentle, kind and very, very sweet. Daisy is a little shy but warms up quickly and bonds strongly. This little family are loyal companion dogs with beautiful hearts. We just adore… Continue reading     >


Meet SADIE Scrummy SADIE and her siblings are part of our farm dog rehoming programme. Sadie is a funny, quirky, gentle happy girl and would suit running around like a boundy huntaway on a lifestyle property. Sadie (like her family) is very sweet and loving. A beautiful girl. We just adore this family of huntaways. They truly… Continue reading     >


Meet BLOSSOM This beautiful, extremely soft-hearted girl will give you the worst first impression. Blossom is shy. She waits and watches first, taking you in and figuring out if you are a good person. When she moves over to where you are, all that is needed is a gentle pat and a quiet conversation and then boom,… Continue reading     >

Small dogs – Squeeeeee!

Are you looking for a small dog but never seem to see one on the HUHA adoption page, no matter how often you look? No, HUHA is not sizist. We often rescue small dogs, have small dogs surrendered or get asked to help re-home them. Life in a shelter, with all those big dogs, can… Continue reading     >