A Message from HUHA – Helping YOU Help Animals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now here comes that second wind!

We did intend to post a wonderful Happy New Year message up more than a week ago, but the truth is that for the past few weeks/months, we had just run out of puff. Not for the animals – never for the animals. But for all the other stuff that keeps us dashing here, there and everywhere day after day.

We guess we are rather like a tree. We want to grow tall and strong, we want to have resilience and strength and mostly we want to provide shelter to those that need it. But as all good gardeners know, the key to growing straight and strong is to prune any wayward growth that may sap the energy away from the plants roots and core, undermining its steady growth.

So this year we are going to refocus and reinforce what HUHA – Helping YOU Help Animals stands for.

We are dedicated to helping all animals in need, but this year our message to owners is “your animal is ultimately your responsibility. We are here to help you and advise you but you have to put the time and effort in! You can’t just dump and run! You need to step up and be part of the solution!”

We receive more than 1,000 calls a month and we leap into action as best we can. But it can be so difficult when call after call is from actual owners, who can’t be bothered with their pets, have had a change of plan, haven’t desexed their pets, haven’t trained or enriched their pets and/or want us to pay their vet bills. We will always do what we can to help. but it’s just so heart-breaking and actually offensive to communicate with owners who expect everything from us and nothing from themselves. It’s lazy and the pets in their lives deserve so much better.

Last year our shelters were full beyond capacity, and yet only half of the animals in our care came to us as actual homeless orphans – the rest had owners who were capable, but they just didn’t want the inconvenience and so the emotional blackmail directed at our already overwhelmed volunteers kept on coming.

So for 2016 we are asking everyone to step up, starting with us. We are going to step up and reach into the community, we are going to teach people what it takes to do right by animals in an effort to stop this groundhog day of ignorance. We are going to offer the tools needed to make some serious change in both skills and attitudes. What if an owner learnt that chaining a dog all day leads to boredom and behaviour issues and a reactive and unpleasant environment for all involved? What if those owners learnt that dogs need to be part of the family to be content and learn boundaries and that the further they push their pets away the bigger their problems will grow? Its just one example but it’s surprising just how many owners do not even understand the basics, and tragically set themselves and their pets up to fail.

We have a mission for you too. As part of our HUHA Community we need you to be more proactive. Posting and sharing posts on this page can effectively help to problem solve and find safe solutions for the out-of-control number of animals in need on our radar.

So for us this year at HUHA our message is clear. At the core of HUHA there is actually only a handful of strong and dedicated volunteers, but as we grow, you are our branches, you are our strength. It is together that we can deliver a strong message to the masses – EVERY ANIMAL MATTERS – and it’s up to humans to get it right.

PIC: Lovable Albert was transferred to HUHA from the Pound a few years ago. His old owners had chopped his ears off to make him look tough and taught him to latch on to anything and everything. With time and patience, we have detoxed old behaviours and now squishy bear Albert is a light in our day, and a constant reminder of how ignorant owners can cause so much damage. Albert is loved by his foster Mum and is not available for adoption.