The current posts are being written by a HUHA volunteer – one of the bedroom-cleaning volunteers. She has been working as one of our volunteers for a few years now. She doesn’t seem to mind all the cleaning, scraping, bed-lifting, hauling great buckets of disinfectant and general manual labour that her Saturday morning shift requires (even though she is no spring chicken, it has to be said). Our blogger has three rescue dogs, two of them are from HUHA (she was at HUHA for exactly five weeks before taking her newly adopted dog home. No self-control).

Her love of HUHA’s kaupapa and her desire to learn from HUHA about sharing this world with animals has gradually made her something of a pest around the place, particularly the kitchen area, where she will trap anyone who doesn’t get away quickly enough and interrogate them for information. We are trying to slow her up by making her do the website blogs. It is only sort of working.

Her claim is that while she is selfishly storing away this information for personal use, at the same time she is selflessly sharing it with you, fellow traveller, because we all need HUHA in our lives and our animals deserve it.

All weirdnesses and oddities are hers alone (no really, they are).

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