Australian bush fires diary – Day 7

There is seriously just so much to do!! We have been requested to assist at so many properties that are struggling with this nightmare. Our hearts and our skills are with the animals of course ... but we are giving everything we have got to the affected and brave people of these communities as well.… Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Day 6

Darting and Triaging To get an idea of what the days are like now, here are a couple of short video clips that Mark Leishman put up on his face book page: Mark Leishman: Some more images from Australia. Some a bit confronting as HUHA does an amazing job saving Kangaroos. Every little bit counts.… Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Day 5

Now we have darters and a shooter we can get to the Roos coming onto people's properties and out in the bush land. Today was devastating for our team and for locals. We have saved some, but we have lost so many. At least they are at peace now. From Sydney Wildlife Mobile Care Unit : … Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Days 3 and 4

Busy, busy and RAIN!!!! Busy days so this is just a quick photo dump for you today ... will update you properly tonight. But the short version is lots of burnt Joeys in our care; we are organising a long term plan for this sanctuary so they continue to get support. We are going to… Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Day 2

Day 2 – 14 January 2020 We arrived in Oz yesterday morning. Our contact had been the NSW Wildlife Council, they are an umbrella for several licensed wildlife rehabbers dotted around NSW. On arrival they confirmed they we were needed by a group called Wildlife Rescue South coast just a 2.45 hour drive south of… Continue reading     >

Australian Bush fires diary – Day 1

Day 1 – 13 January 2020 They arrived first thing this morning and hit the ground running. They have had no time to post updates but promise to in the coming days. The team are working with the NSW Wildlife Council (NWC) and will help and assist in all ways needed. Gosh we have a… Continue reading     >

If music be the food of love …

Yes, thank you Shakespeare – “If music be the food of love, play on”. At the HUHA shelter at Otaki, you will not hear heavy metal or Acid techno or even Penderecki blaring out over the airwaves. HUHA has made music part of the recovery for the dogs in their care, part of the healing… Continue reading     >

The Nelson Fires – HUHA’s Emergency Shelter

Carolyn Press McKenzie and her husband, Jim McKenzie, the founders of HUHA, were attempting to have one day to themselves and dressed up for a tea-with-the-Governor-General afternoon on Waitangi Day, Wednesday the 6th. The number of times that an animal rescue has interrupted Carolyn and Jim’s efforts to have a day away are now so… Continue reading     >