Sow crates banned in New Zealand – today!

This is a big red-letter day today because today, after years and years of protest, sow crates can no longer be used legally in New Zealand. Sow crates are the most hideous invention designed to enable piglets to feed from their mother but not allow the mother to move. They are only slightly bigger than… Continue reading     >

The eyes – they definitely have it

These beautiful brown eyes belong to Laurie. He is a Capuchin monkey; an ex circus monkey who lives at HUHA Kaitoke. He had had his teeth filed down with the nerves exposed to protect his keepers from being bitten. It took a long time to help Laurie with his teeth, his fears and his horrible… Continue reading     >


If I died tomorrow, what would happen to my animals?

(Health warning – realism touched on) We are all busy all of the time and clearly we’re never going to die because we haven’t got time for it; it isn’t scheduled in our diary, we’re always too young for it – death is definitely something that happens to other people. OK, on a slower day… Continue reading     >

Kiwibank Local Hero – one of ours!

Last night in Palmerston North, medals were awarded at a special ceremony for the Kiwibank Local Heroes award for the whole Wellington/Manawatu/central north island region. Of the hundreds nominated for this award, HUHA’s Otaki Shelter Manager, Claire Thornton, was one of the few awarded a medal. It would be hard for us to be more… Continue reading     >

Bored, bored, bored!!!

We’ve all been it. It’s not good. It makes you pace, it makes you fiddle with things, it makes you eat rubbish, it makes you frustrated and unhappy with yourself and others. If you’re a young person, though, or a beloved dog – well, it’s the “T’” word – trouble! If we’re bored as an… Continue reading     >

Requiescat, One Eyed Willie – we loved you

Actually, "rest" is not what I really wish for Willie – I'd wish for him a life like the one he had; that is a rainbow bridge life for a dog, right here on earth. The fabulous Willie has sadly passed away in the arms of the people who loved him, Carolyn and Jim, at… Continue reading     >

Love Your Elders

Love your elders Instead of a great wordy diatribe on love and care for older dogs, here is a picture of it. This is Cilla who shares her life with Rochelle Love Walker. Cilla is 14 years old in October and Rochelle says she is sleeping more with the cold days. Cilla was one of… Continue reading     >