Bored, bored, bored!!!

We’ve all been it. It’s not good. It makes you pace, it makes you fiddle with things, it makes you eat rubbish, it makes you frustrated and unhappy with yourself and others. If you’re a young person, though, or a beloved dog – well, it’s the “T’” word – trouble! If we’re bored as an… Continue reading     >

Requiescat, One Eyed Willie – we loved you

Actually, "rest" is not what I really wish for Willie – I'd wish for him a life like the one he had; that is a rainbow bridge life for a dog, right here on earth. The fabulous Willie has sadly passed away in the arms of the people who loved him, Carolyn and Jim, at… Continue reading     >

Love Your Elders

Love your elders Instead of a great wordy diatribe on love and care for older dogs, here is a picture of it. This is Cilla who shares her life with Rochelle Love Walker. Cilla is 14 years old in October and Rochelle says she is sleeping more with the cold days. Cilla was one of… Continue reading     >

Hikoi for HUHA

HIKOI FOR HUHA TIME AGAIN! Come and join the Hutt City and HUHA crew for a hill walk in Lowry Bay, Sunday 19 July 2pm - 3:30pm, meeting at Cheviot Road Track. Some portions are steep and buggies are not recommended for this walk as it is challenging in parts. Can't wait to see all… Continue reading     >

HUHA’s Great British Global Greyhound Walk – in Kapiti

I know, it seems odd. The Great British Greyhound Walk was something started in, funnily enough, Great Britain to enable owners of greyhounds to get together, chat about their beloved dogs, share experiences and raise awareness of the gloriousness of greyhounds as companions along the way. Something weird happened with the idea and now people… Continue reading     >

Pride of HUHA nominated for Pride of NZ Award

Our Claire Thornton, beloved Otaki Shelter Manager and Trustee for HUHA; Duty Manager par excellence; advocate, rescuer, defender and healer of animals (the ultimate combination of animal rights and welfare) and mentor, leader, encyclopedia and best friend of HUHA volunteers and animal owners everywhere, has been nominated for the very prestigious Pride of New Zealand… Continue reading     >

Essential things to know about dogs – there are just two!

 “Two essential things?” I hear you ask, in an incredulous way. “Two things? Well food, water and walks alone equal three things right there”.  Indeed, but if you know and understand the two essential things, the list of necessary things like these will fall into place. So, as you will have noticed, it’s cold and… Continue reading     >

Great British Greyhound Walk

Be part of a day when greyhounds ALL OVER THE WORLD will walk out together to promote themselves as GREYT companions and family members. We are thrilled to announce that we will be part of this event and have organised a walk in Paraparaumu. We would love to see Greyhounds and their families come along… Continue reading     >