Blankets — the warm sort!

Coming down the road to the shelter this morning in Otaki, a ridge of the Tararuas was covered in snow - they were, in fact, blanketted. Blanketted - in MAY!!! This means winter has come and in winter, dogs need warmth. Tearing along the road (after I took this snap above) I stared into the… Continue reading     >

I see red, I see red, I see red

At HUHA, we do see red – the best kind of red there is. In fact at HUHA, we have arguably the best reds in the business. How that has happened I don't know but how lucky are you that this is the case. For dogs, reds are in many ways the best dogs ever – red… Continue reading     >

Bottom line is — we will come and get you!

Yesterday, HUHA got called from a dog pound in the South Island — it was a desperate call, a last hope. They had picked up an emaciated, malnourished and heavily pregnant dog. She was so heavily pregnant that overnight she had given birth to nine puppies at the pound. Due to severe mastitis the last time she… Continue reading     >

The book is here!

HOT OFF THE PRESS – GET YOUR SIGNED COPIES FROM HUHA! Just $37 incl postage and packaging within New Zealand; all profits from sales through HUHA go straight to the animals! Whoop Whoop, today is the launch date of our first new book! We are so excited to share the amazing journey of how HUHA was conceived.… Continue reading     >

The Greyhound Wing

Greyhounds have a special place in HUHA hearts: well, they have a special place in the hearts of anyone who has met them, but they were part of the early beginnings of the HUHA chapter in Otaki  and the rescue clarified for people how things were to be if you were involved in HUHA. Quick… Continue reading     >

Why am I still here?

This is Narla. Look at that face. It’s the face of a dog who loves getting up in the morning; who loves being in the world, whether it’s sunny or raining. She’s funny, happy, affectionate, adventurous, she’s lived with cats, she’s lived with children – she’s your “must have” first cup of coffee in the… Continue reading     >

April is … Greyhound Adoption Month!

No, we didn't make that up. April is Greyhound Adoption Month – it's a known, world thing. Of course, at HUHA, every month is Greyhound Adoption Month, though it's fair to say that we are doing pretty well in recognising April as the special month thus far. In the picture above, which was taken last Monday,… Continue reading     >