Chance to rescue some battery-farmed hens!

CHICKEN RUN 5! (Re Run!) LOWER NORTH ISLAND!! We're collecting around 200 ex-commercially farmed chooks on Monday 13th April, and heading back up to Taranaki (we did a run up there with our precious cargo of lucky ladies last year). We will have some that will be available for collection in Otaki for anyone from… Continue reading     >

One person can do this

We all love HUHA and we all are HUHA ("nous somme HUHA"), but incredibly, just one person started the whole thing. How could one person do this?  Who would have the iron-hard, gritty nerve to take on something like HUHA? Who would be so concerned about the world and the beings in the world that they… Continue reading     >

No testing of cosmetics on animals in New Zealand

GREAT NEWS ... yippee! We are thrilled to announce that New Zealand is the first Australasian country to ban animal testing for cosmetics. This applies to cosmetics manufactured in New Zealand only. We are now part of a global movement to end cosmetic animal testing around the world. The more countries that impose this ban… Continue reading     >

Walkin’ the walk

Yes indeed - this has got to be the best definition of win-win there ever was. All the HUHA dogs need to get out and have a good walk every day. Sure they go outside and zoom about the paddocks, but a walk on a lead is a must for them. This means that they… Continue reading     >

Rally to see testing for cosmetics banned

THE RALLY IS BACK on ... turned out the weather and transport gods were against us last Monday but we are now back on track for Monday 23rd (note the new kick-off time of 11.45am). We would love to see some supporters out there to say we want to ‪#‎BECRUELTYFREE‬ New Zealand Monday 23 March 2015 11.45… Continue reading     >

Toys, toys, toys

Our dogs and pups at HUHA LOVE toys.  They jump on them, toss them, shake them, mangle them, run around with their mates holding an end each and sleep with them. The toys get hammered, it has to be said. Do you have a stash of toys that your dog has decided are too uncool… Continue reading     >

Tears of joy, tears of grief – a week at HUHA

Was the past week a typical HUHA week? In many ways, yes. It included great triumphs, great loss, concern and love; hard, hard work. This week began with scouring waterways for struggling and dying bird life, fighting against the ravages of avian botulism and sometimes just the general fight to survive life in algae- and… Continue reading     >

Travel safely, Chief

FROM WHEELS TO WINGS ... today we said goodbye to a best friend. We have some sad news to share. Chief passed away this morning. You may know Chief's legs were not good, he was in palliative care at HUHA with pain relief and although he still had a huge love of life, loved to run… Continue reading     >