Protest July 2013 Ban animal testing2HUHA CHARITABLE TRUST MISSION STATEMENT

To look at problematic situations that are, or could be, detrimental to an animal and find a safe solution. To always think outside the square. Through education and leading by example, the team of HUHA volunteers aim to empower and inspire people in the community to get involved and do right by animals.





To date we have been actively involved in finding safe outcomes for thousands of animals including:

chickens [46882624]Three monkeys we retired from the circus.

Thousands of battery hens liberated from factory farms.

The liberation of Piggy Sue for the Mike King Factory Farmed Pig Campaign on TV3’s Sunday.Spoonbill - 6 March 2015

Rehabilitated 300 fairy Prions that were exhausted after a storm.

Relocated 150 homeless animals from Christchurch during and after the Earthquakes. Link One and Link Two.

Mango1Rescued 21 captive bred Kaimanawas from slaughter.

Liberated 30 Beagles from an Animal Testing Facility. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Re-homed 15 elderly greyhounds from a closed racing facility.

Rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed thousands of community animals in need, including companion and farm animals.

Rehabilitated and released 100’s of native birds.

Four monkeys with nowhere to go after a zoo closed

Carol_could beEight wallabies with nowhere to go after a zoo closure

Petitioning Parliament – Leave Animals Out of Legal High Testing (May 2013)

Six donkeys rescued from slaughter after the family of their deceased owner sent them to the yards for dog food.

Assisted the Wanganui District Council and community with disestablishing their euthanasia-by-gas facility and establishing a compassionate method via a contract with local veterinary surgeons. HUHA mediated and had round-the-table discussions (and brought some death row dogs back to the sanctuaries as well, of course).

Mange rescue (ongoing) – take in and go out and rescue dogs with mange and in every case, even when owners and veterinarians have felt defeated, we bring these dogs back to health. In particular we salute Shortcake, Tank and Mango (but there are a lot of others, not quite so extreme).

Patrolling waterways in high Summer when low levels of ponds and estuaries produce toxic scum from which bird-life dies of botulism. Rescuing those that can be rescued and disposing of dead bodies left exposed to dogs.



Tank - mangeTank August 2015

Donkeys rescued









To find out more about our missions  and campaigns please visit our HUHA Campaigns site



Sweetpea, day after giving birth at vets in wgtn_nSweetpea and puppies


sasha 1 [46882621]








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