Yaaaay we are so excited you are thinking of adopting a new animal! But before you commit, it’s important that we take you through this check list. We need to be confident that you have a safe and loving environment and that you and your new best friend are set to succeed.

During the HUHA adoption process you will be assessed for the following:


For Dogs:

Mac_rolling on the grassFencing – is it safe and robust enough to suit the dog of your choice? A fenced back yard can be ideal as it means that your dog is not in charge of meeting guests. It is also safer in case visitors or children leave gates open. And a back yard can be more peaceful for a dog inclined to bark at passers-by. A well fenced back yard means no dog should be chained or tethered.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Where will your dog sleep? HUHA will only rehome to families that allow their dog to sleep inside at night; dogs are pack animals and can develop behaviour issues if left out of the family pack … and its snugglier inside too.

What happens when you are at work? If you are working full time, we need to ensure that there is a plan in place so your dog/puppy is enriched and happy throughout the day. This could include attending doggie day care/dog walking services/family or friends doggie sitting etc. If you are leaving for a small amount of time ( e.g. weekly shopping) and the dog will be left outside, ensure that there is protection from outside elements (e.g. a cozy covered kennel or sleeping area on covered veranda etc). Large compounds are ok but only for short periods of time.

Play2We recommend the following training/training aids for new dogs/puppies:

Crate training for puppies or young dogs:
Halti’s/gentle leaders as a walking aid for all puppies and dogs:
Puppy dog training/socialisation classes.



For Cats:

OrlandoLocation – is your home away from cat hazards such as main roads and railway lines?

For Horses:

Horse friends – horses are naturally herd animals and need company of their own kind. Do you have an existing horse or access to grazing with other horses to keep your new friend company?

Fencing – do you have safe paddocks with good fencing that a horse cannot become tangled in or escape from?









For Chickens:

Free range – do you have room for the chickens to be free range or plenty of room to roam with a good chook house or shelter where they can snuggle down?

After the eggs – will you be able to provide a home for the hens after their laying life comes to an end?

For Farm Animals:

MunchkinAnimal friends – farm animals are generally herd animals that need the company of their own species to thrive. Do you have existing animals that they can join in with (or can you make room to adopt more than one)?

Where will your animal live? Do you have secure and safe fencing that will keep the farm animals contained, with no sharp or broken bits that they could be hurt on?Goat herd - kaitoke

Goats – goats should be allowed to roam in a paddock, no tethering allowed. They can be quite the Houdini so good fencing that will keep them in is a must!

Geese and Ducks – do you have a pond or waterway that these birds are able to display their natural behaviour in?

For all animals:

What happens if you are a renter? We will need to check that all parties involved are happy for your new arrival to be at the property, so written permission from your landlord is a must, and ideally you will have lived at the property for more than one year.

Please note: We do not rehome to hunting or farm working dog homes. HUHA rehomes to pet homes only. No breeding allowed.

Adoption Process


Narla2Adoption Process includes:

* Pre adoption interview. It is important all members of the household are present and 100% committed to your new addition:
* ‘Meet and Greet’. Any existing animals that will be living with your HUHA animal should meet up prior to adoption to make sure everyone will play nicely:
* Property inspection for dogs, horses, chickens, farm animals. Drive-bys for cats:
* Council check:
* Vet check of existing animals to make sure everyone is in good health, and no diseases will be passed on (if relevant):

* Signing of a HUHA Adoption Contract and completion of Transfer of Ownership Form (for Council use).

Wee One HUHA Lifetime Guarantee:

If circumstances arise where you can no longer care for the pet you adopted from us, HUHA will take the animal back into our care.

Adoption Donations

HUHA asks for an adoption donation which goes towards the costs of desexing, microchipping, flea and worm treatments and vet care of the animal.

Standard donation amount for a dog or puppy is $280.00 (for dogs over 10 years it’s $200.00), cat $120.00, chicken $5.00. Horses and farm animals – please enquire.


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