SugarThe Greys – love ’em!

Greyhounds are special as far as HUHA is concerned. Aside from the fact that to know a greyhound is to love them, and that HUHA has, from the beginning, been lucky enough to have had considerable experience of the breed within the management team, they played a memorable part in the early HUHA history at Otaki and have continued to be a regular part of HUHA adoption and rescue.

HUHA will do a great deal to ensure that greyhounds are given a place at the sanctuary and are placed in safe and loving homes.  Very early on in the life of  HUHA Otaki (a couple of weeks leasing the stables), there were, in the three wings of the stables, one wing with assorted dogs in them, including beagles rescued from the VARC vivisection facility and two empty wings. Then there was a call made to someone selling their greyhounds on Trade Me. Oh those greyhounds! Read about them below:

Greyhound Wing