Here's to a year of kindness towards all living beings. Here is to a year filled with peace and calm. This year we are going to own the growth and change in HUHA. We are putting our big kid boots on and we are getting our teams ready for what ever 2021 throws at us… Continue reading     >

There’s always something you can do

As soon as HUHA got their team back from the Australian Bush fire mission, they were hurtled into Covid-19 lockdown. This required a lot of work establishing procedures for safely and effectively running four shelters and a veterinary clinic. There seemed a lot to do but whilst doing that, the team asked themselves – what… Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Days 25–32

No let up, 16-hour days, operating til late using head torches to see by, darting and retrieving, treating the treatable, mourning the ones that can't be saved, building structures in the rain, bandaging, bandaging, bandaging. The fires are finally contained and under control in NSW!!!!! And here's an idea of what it's about: From  Prapassorn… Continue reading     >

Australian bush fires diary – Day 17

It's now Saturday 1 February 2020, but yes, HUHA is back in Australia and the diary continues. From the HUHANZ Face book page - 31 January 2020 We came home yesterday … but are sending Carolyn back already! We hugged Aussie and said goodbye. Proudly leaving behind two pop up wildlife veterinary triage centres that… Continue reading     >