boof_the HorseBoof is a gentle Giant.  He first came to be a permanent resident at HUHA when he was retired early from life as a competitive dressage horse.  Boof’s big Percheron x Thoroughbred bones had deteriorated severely from the strenuous and repetitive exercise that was required to be a top athlete.  So he came to HUHA Kaitoke for some R&R.  Because of Boof’s giant stature and calm manner, over the years he has been a wonderful addition to our HUHA At Risk Youth Programme where teenagers learn ground skills around animals, and are taught respect and empathy.

Boof is now 25 years old and although his back is swaying and has days where the arthritis affects his movement, he still enjoys life in the company of his herd of misfits.  None of them have to deal with the pressures of being ridden, they are just free to be horses, enjoying the hills and the sunshine and teaching children to care.

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