Call to action – the Taumarunui 25

We want to give you the chance to speak up for the stolen Taumarunui puppy-mill dogs … the Taumarunui 25!

On 18 September 2021, 25 dogs were handed into HUHA’s care by people who were so distressed at the state of these dogs that they stole them from a puppy-mill in Taumarunui to save their lives. HUHA immediately informed the police and the SPCA that they had the dogs. The dogs were in a terrible state and thousands of dollars and hours has been spent to provide veterinary assistance and to care and try to rehabilitate these dogs. The overwhelming neglect seen among the 25 dogs in HUHA’s care has been confronting. The extent of the issues and full details about the incident can be found itemised in this HUHANZ facebook post: ***

The SPCA instructed HUHA to hold the dogs while they investigate, but now they advise that while their investigation continues, intending to follow a legal process to get the numbers restricted on this property, they could not help with these particular dogs as they were stolen property. The SPCA do, however, still intend to work hard on this case but the investigation and legal process could take months. The police have advised that the dogs should be returned to the puppy-mill in the meantime.

HUHA is not prepared to further compromise the welfare of these dogs by returning them.

We have several serious concerns regarding the dogs’ welfare, should they be returned. We request that for the sake of the dogs’ welfare, they remain in HUHA’s care while more suitable outcomes are discussed and implemented. The return of the dogs to a breeding/hoarding situation will be detrimental to the dogs and the owner. Even with a clean-up of the facility, there are too many dogs to care for properly and their welfare will continue to be compromised.

The pug on this picture is Pearl, one of the Taumarunui 25, who sadly passed. Her trachea collapsed just days after she was removed from her puppy-mill cage. Vet specialists worked hard and even placed a stent, but Pearl was overcome with pneumonia and we couldn’t save her.

Please send your concerns for this situation through to:

Meka Whaitiri

Associate Minister of Animal Welfare


Andrew Little

Minister of Health


Poto Williams

Minister of Police


Please sign and share our petition:…/the-new-zealand-house-of…

Please copy and print off this picture above: sign your name and location to it and send a pic of you and/or your pet next to the placard on the HUHANZ pinned facebook post. We will take your voices to the people who need to hear! Let’s come together to show them how we feel!