Measuring love in time

When you do Philosophy 101, you quickly get introduced to the concept of “absolute”. An absolute is a value that cannot be defined except by describing an example of it or saying what it is not. So Truth, Beauty, Good and Justice, for instance, are all absolutes. If you are asked to say what these… Continue reading     >

Who gets overlooked in our shelter?

In every shelter, there are always the dogs that have been overlooked for one reason or another and don’t even get the tyres kicked. You’d assume that these would be the reactive dogs, or the very, very timid or the much older senior resident. At HUHA we have some of the nicest dogs in the… Continue reading     >

Sam Hart – Local Hero

Our beloved Sam – so well overdue for community recognition; it’s wonderful for us to see the community knowing what we’ve always known and loved about Sam. Sam heads our horses’ team – she guides and inspires a team of 10 loyal volunteers. HUHA takes in horses from the community that would otherwise have no… Continue reading     >

Isabelle Maloret – Local Hero

Well I don’t think it would be possible for us to be happier or prouder to see our Issi win a Local Hero award this year. What does Issi do for HUHA? Well, basically she’s involved in everything – she’s a trustee, a duty manager, she organises the shop in Arthur Street Otaki, she is… Continue reading     >


A special post from the HUHANZ facebook page (in case you couldn't see it) PUDDING'S STORY ... We want you all to know Pudding. There are many good reasons why but one of the main reasons is that she has been the Matriarch of HUHA Otaki for many years. Pudding came to us in 2012… Continue reading     >

When is life not worth living?

When creatures are surrendered or rescued or found by HUHA and taken in, they are sometimes in a bad way, a really bad way. And apart from emotional trauma, malnourishment or illness, they are sometimes handed over because they have some physical imperfection which will mean they can’t be sold for a profit or they… Continue reading     >