Travel safely, Chief

FROM WHEELS TO WINGS ... today we said goodbye to a best friend. We have some sad news to share. Chief passed away this morning. You may know Chief's legs were not good, he was in palliative care at HUHA with pain relief and although he still had a huge love of life, loved to run… Continue reading     >

Big Day! Tank goes home

TANK HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!! Oh what a sloppy and soggy farewell. But any sadness we felt as we said our goodbyes was quashed by the absolute delight this cheeky monkey had on his face when his Mum and Dad arrived all the way from Whangarei to drive him back home where he belongs. Tank… Continue reading     >

Tank gets his life back again

This is Tank - an impressive looking boy wouldn't you say? He's a Dogue de Bordeaux and full of life and fun, as a young, happy giant should be. Not so long ago, though, he came to HUHA with his system closing down; badly underweight and covered in an advanced case of mange. His condition… Continue reading     >

Puppy Protection Campaign

PLEASE TELL US YOUR STORY Have any of you bought a puppy online? Was the puppy healthy and happy, or was it a bad or sad experience? This devastating photo of dead pet store puppies was taken in New Zealand in May 2013. We'd love to hear your story. Please email us at And… Continue reading     >


♪♫ I love, I love, I love my calender girl Yeah, sweet calender girl ♪♪♫ I love, I love, I love my calender girl ♫♪ Each and every day of the year ♫ At HUHA we love our calendar girls and boys every day of the year and you can too, by purchasing one of… Continue reading     >


Netball Champion Irene Van Dyk Urges Government to Score a Goal for Animals, Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing in New Zealand. We love Irene and we love the message she is sending New Zealand today!!! Come on NZ, Irene is showing that she cares, you can follow this link and show that you care too... CLICK… Continue reading     >