From the HUHA Board to You!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We want to thank you for the miracles you help achieve every day. Literally thousands of lives have been saved this year through your direct action of sharing and caring on the HUHANZ face book page.

We can’t wait for tomorrow to bring in the new year and the promise of more life saving success stories.

As we sit here tonight at the new HUHA Haywards site, it’s exciting to think about the months of construction ahead. The building, the team work and the opportunities this new rescue and rehabilitation hub will give animals in crisis all over NZ. We hear of animals needing our help every day, and we can’t wait to finally have a facility purpose-built to give us the tools to heal and rehome the way we’ve always dreamt possible … it’s long overdue.

Sitting on our knee in this photo is a wee dog that arrived today. She has bitten 25 people in just two months apparently. But this 3 kg wee lady has been passed around from home to home via Trade Me and we see she is unsure of her place in the world. We’ve named her Aretha Franklin or Frankie for short. She’s a strong wee diva, but maybe it’s her tenacity that has helped her to cope and survive in such an uncertain and changing world, a world completely out of her control.

We spend a lot of time telling people what they are doing wrong with the animals in their lives. But tonight, as we sit with Frankie, we want to tell you one simple thing you can do to get it right. Be prepared. Please be prepared.

Nothing is certain in this world. Last week we drove to a home in the Waikato to climb through the window of a house belonging to a lady who had been hospitalised the week before. Her cat had been locked alone in her house for 7 days with no food, just a toilet bowl of water. Her family asked us to help when no other agency would. They knew very little about the cat, not even her name, but thanks to their plea for help, kitty will remain safely in our care until her Mum is out of hospital.

I guess what we are trying to say is, as you put your affairs in order, please leave details of your pets. Whether it’s with your family or more formally with your lawyers, the best way to help us help your animal, if you ever need help, is to leave us as much information as possible. Write a profile on your pets and each of their needs. Tell us your wishes and we will always do what we can to carry them out.

We don’t want to see your pets being passed from home to home via Trade Me. We don’t want to see them lost, confused or unsure of their place in the world without you. So put a plan in place to protect them, just in case one day you can’t.

We seriously can’t describe how much you mean to us, HUHA Community. As we grow we are learning just how powerful our reach can be. It’s obvious to us through our work and achievements, New Zealand needs us … but it’s also incredibly obvious that we need you! Because together we absolutely are saving lives!

So THANK YOU ALL! Here’s to 2019. We hope to see you sometime soon, here on the hill. xxx