Here’s to a year of kindness towards all living beings. Here is to a year filled with peace and calm. This year we are going to own the growth and change in HUHA. We are putting our big kid boots on and we are getting our teams ready for what ever 2021 throws at us … we will be there for what ever New Zealand needs from us.

We’d like to acknowledge our incredible “Home” teams who work everyday to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need in our communities … they don’t stop, they get dirty and they care so much it’s inspiring.

We’d also like to formally acknowledge and accept our role in animal welfare disaster response. Our “Away” team hit the ground running this year and didn’t stop. Between the Aussie Bush fires and the Christchurch Cow rescue, they traveled for more then 6.5 months of 2020. Covid brought them home but didn’t slow them as they jumped into action providing food and support to independent animal shelters and community animal owners in need. Disaster response is a role we seem to have fallen into organically. But boy is the work necessary. One of HUHA’s motto’s has always been … if we don’t, who will? And then there is you, our HUHA Community. You walk every step and cry every tear with us. You are the reason for our successes. You always support us and never give up or let us give up … you are the reason we get the job done. From mice to monkeys … it’s your dedication that helps us save lives everyday, home and away!

Lastly, we want to remember the lives and loves lost in 2020. For everyone this is personal, we have all given our hearts to incredible and special friends that will continue to have pride of place in our memories. For us, 2020 meant saying goodbye to some extremely special friends, among them Reggie and Laurie.

We adore you HUHA Community, and we can’t thank you enough. Here’s to a better year for all xxx

PIC: Spiro with Reggie’s best friend Tucker this morning … bringing in the new year; considerate, gentle and kind.