“Hold on to me as you go, as we roll down this unfamiliar road …”

This is what rescue looks like. For the rescuer and the rescued – this is its face.

You don’t know what you’re going to see, you aren’t familiar with the area, with the roads; you go a long way, you’re both tired and hungry and anxious – you have each other. It’s a special thing and a special bond you have on the way home. You’re in it together – just you two; you just have to get each other back home. Nothing else before nor after matters – just doing this.

This is a picture of all rescues and also the picture of Phillip Phillips’ rescue last week. Here’s what his rescuer said about it (and why he’s called Phillip Phillips):

“On the journey driving from Auckland to Wellington, Gladys was easy – she smiled, she ate and she slept. But Phillip Phillips stressed. He desperately tried to climb into my lap while I was driving. Even when safely on a tether in the back with food, water, a fluffy blanket and Gladys, he would wiggle and stretch so that a part of him was somehow touching a part of me. He tried every trick in the book to get close to me and through determination and rather outstanding talent he often managed it. To comfort him, I sang this tune sung by Phillip Phillips; it seemed to fit … and so did the name as somewhere along the way, he relaxed and the desperation faded. I could see that this young, handsome boy had such a bright future ahead of him xx Have a listen … the original Phillip Phillips sings it better than me” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoRkntoHkIE&feature=youtu.be.