HUHA’s Great British Global Greyhound Walk – in Kapiti

Saying hello

I know, it seems odd. The Great British Greyhound Walk was something started in, funnily enough, Great Britain to enable owners of greyhounds to get together, chat about their beloved dogs, share experiences and raise awareness of the gloriousness of greyhounds as companions along the way. Something weird happened with the idea and now people all over the world register for it and hold a walk on 21 June. Of course in Great Britain, it’s summer on the 21st. Remember that season? The one where it’s hot and dry and, well, looks a lot like that picture above actually.




So we had floods and downpours and revolting weather the day before, sandbags were huhaneeded in the Otaki shelter, HUHA volunteers from the north couldn’t come down to do shifts because they were stranded and surrounded, moat-style, by flood water. But then Sunday 21 June happened and what a difference a day makes. Beautiful weather – Kapiti at its best. The day was organised by the lovely Issi Maloret, HUHA’s organising genius, and we had 14 beautiful greyhounds there. We met up at the grassy bit at the end of Maclean Street Paraparaumu and walked along the walkway of Marine Parade, up Wharemauku Road, along Avion Terrace and back to Maclean Street. It took about an hour and what a head-turning sight we were.



All dogs behaved beautifully (except, I suppose it ought to be said, your humble blogger’s dog, who lifted her lip Past airportat, well yes, every dog there. But hey – she’s over 10 years old; some slack-cutting, please. No one died). Tosh, Percy, Princess and Gary represented current HUHA greys (looking absolutely awesome and so laid-back and cruisey). There were also three of the original 15 greyhounds rescued by HUHA when its doors had just opened – Boof, Rodney and Angel (read about the story of the 15 here).

Baby photo bomb 2It was a really lovely event – thank you all those owners and greyhounds who took the time to spend an hour in the great Kapiti sunshine and share a little greyhound magic with Paraparaumu Beach. Let’s do it again.







Boof and Rodney










Checking out 2

Greyhound head - Joey