I see red, I see red, I see red

At HUHA, we do see red – the best kind of red there is. In fact at HUHA, we have arguably the best reds in the business. How that has happened I don’t know but how lucky are you that this is the case. For dogs, reds are in many ways the best dogs ever – red isn’t just a colour, it’s a way of being! They are loyal, they are playful, they are snuggly, they are hilarious, they are great at the beach, they are warm under the duvet, they don’t worry about themselves, they have no pretensions, in short – they are AWESOME!

We have the most beautiful, down-right life-loving joy-meisters at HUHA.  They will teach you to love life and be happy; they will share all your wins and losses and they won’t give up on you. They all deserve a caring, fun home that will put them at the top of the priority list – they will be the jewel in your crown. Consider putting some joy into your life and meet our reds.

Here are some of our top representatives:


Mac is a rock star. He is about 3 years now.

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Super star potential. Roxy is your archetypal red; plays hard, works hard, brainy and at the same time, sweet, sweet, sweet. Love this dog.

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Wonderful energy, permanently happy and life-loving; gorgeous green eyes.

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Ok, more of a strawberry blonde but a red dog personality. She is known as the stocky love sponge.

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Bit bigger than this now but still as adorable. Bit of a fave with the founder so get in quick.

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What can I say, this is the one. Jed has a red heart, through and through.

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OK, actually, this is the one. Lennie is everything with nothing left out. He is adorable, loving and it’s more than time that he got to taste the high life. You will love Lennie.

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Yes well, this picture of Otter is a bit misleading. He started as a puppy (who doesn’t) and he keeps growing. He is full of fun but not a nut bar. He has a great heart has Otter. Come and take him for a walk.

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Are you singing “Red dogs in the sunset” yet?  Bet you are. So what stands out in this group of funsters below (after you’ve gone “Ooh, a greyhound”)? Yeah, the reds.