Isabelle Maloret – Local Hero

Well I don’t think it would be possible for us to be happier or prouder to see our Issi win a Local Hero award this year. What does Issi do for HUHA? Well, basically she’s involved in everything – she’s a trustee, a duty manager, she organises the shop in Arthur Street Otaki, she is HUHA’s campaign manager, fundraiser, Kapiti street collection organiser, she prepares submissions to Parliament and accompanies the Founder to all meetings with Ministers and anywhere where advocacy for animals is needed. On top of that, she’ll always help with cleaning out bedrooms and helping the dog-walking volunteers and finding a perfect home for one of our dogs.

Issi is exactly the sort of person KiwiBank was thinking of when designing this award – someone making an enormous contribution, a sacrifice and a selfless commitment to their community, but who wouldn’t otherwise come up on anyone’s award radar because she’s focussed on the job at hand and doesn’t know a thing about self-promotion. Issi comes across as an intelligent, caring person, extremely kind and likeable, great in a crisis. But in reality, she is so much more – she is a game-changer, a leader, she is 100 per cent committed to improving the lives of animals, she never gives up on any aspect of it; she seems to be involved in everything (all the things everyone else avoids making eye contact over).

She is a powerhouse for HUHA and she is a hero and it is such sweet justice to see her recognised with this prestigious reward.

Thank you Issi!