ned_page (1)The dogs at HUHA Kaitoke are a special mix, that’s for sure. Some are dogs that have special needs and need special care, mentally and/or physically; they need to be brought back to health, to learn to adjust to any disabilities or to learn to trust people again and learn about the world and how to be happy in it. These dogs learn from the pack and the humans who teach them. It is a costly business in terms of medicines, surgeries and veterinary attention; in terms of time, food and equipment; and emotionally.

When they are well, some are adopted out to very good homes, where they will never be let down again. These are the ones that can be homed. For other dogs, where their journey haspixie-the-dog3 already been too hard and they have already been re-homed too many times, or where it’s just not possible to find a home that can care for their needs, HUHA will keep them forever at Kaitoke, where they can live out the rest of their days in a happy, safe, loved and enriching environment. Some stay as ambassadors for HUHA and the work that HUHA does – they accompany the HUHA founder to schools and group talks and on dog hikoi and anywhere where there is an opportunity to talk about living with dogs, understanding what they need and learning that obstacles and difficulties can be overcome and a life shared with a dog can and is the most wonderful thing in the world; for them and us.

HUHA Kaitoke is a farm environment and cage free. All dogs run together, learn to love life and heal. It’s what we imagine Rainbow Bridge to be for the dogs (but with a lot more mud).

Pig playPig Terry and pixie the ChiLily the Kid and Pixiekaitoke3

Kaitoke Dogs