If music be the food of love …

Yes, thank you Shakespeare – “If music be the food of love, play on”.

At the HUHA shelter at Otaki, you will not hear heavy metal or Acid techno or even Penderecki blaring out over the airwaves. HUHA has made music part of the recovery for the dogs in their care, part of the healing and the ambience of love and safety.

For most of us, music is very important in our day. It soothes us, excites us, calms us, emboldens us; it helps us to express ourselves, be creative, share. It reminds us of who we are and we can cope with the world with its presence in our lives. For our dogs too, music makes a difference and much research has been undertaken to establish which music helps dogs cope. Certain music has been found to reduce anxiety in dogs. In fact, “classical music, soft rock and reggae have a big impact in reducing anxiety in animals, particularly dogs in kennels” says Zoë George of Radio New Zealand (music-soothes-the-savage-beast).

The New Zealand Police and HUHA have been keen to incorporate the benefits that certain music has on the dogs in their care. Click on the video below, which includes our very own Shelter Manager and Trustee, Claire Thornton, describing what we do and why.