My name is Amati

My name is Amati. I am a pink-eyed white rat. I was bred to be used in a laboratory. HUHA asked laboratories to consider sending animals they no longer needed to HUHA, and I was one of them. My brother Ardie and I had never been handled; we weren’t used and then we weren’t wanted.

We were adopted. Our new Mum said “This is exciting, we can watch the cricket together, you can sit in my hoodie.” Ardie and I were too scared to do that. Mum said, “We can run around the house, we can do clever tricks, we can play games on the kitchen table”. Ardie and I were too scared to do that. Our Mum said “We could try the snuggle sack”. Ardie tried, I couldn’t manage it.

Mum said “I love you”.

Our first house was crammed with tubes and hammocks and ropes and crazy stuff. We had a Christmas theme at Christmas time. We had a dig box.

Our second house is bigger with two levels. It has wheels and Mum wheels it into her office with her when it’s cold and she’s working. We get a coconut on special days (birthdays, gotcha days, Christmas). We do pea fishing in the Summer. We get lots of treats (chocolate drops, pumpkin seeds, dandelion flowers, baby bellie treats). We get treats hidden in tubes (Mum often has to help us with that), we have broken into plastic Easter eggs (with treats), we get roasted nuts (Mum hammers the walnuts for us). Ardie has got very fat and is on a diet (heh heh heh).

We get toys from op shops to run through. We love it. Mum says “I love this”. We let her pat us if it doesn’t go on too long.

Mum says “I love you”.

Sometimes, we can’t manage to be what you want. But we are here and we love to be alive and we need you. So sometimes it’ll just be about something we can all manage. Mum says “You’ll never have so much fun or love in your life”.

If you are an experienced rat owner and love rats, you should ring HUHA on (04) 392-3232 or email to offer a happy home for a couple of rats. Maybe ask for worried rats, like me and Ardie. Don’t let worried rats be left behind. We are just as much fun as unworried rats.

Mum says “you are making more of a difference to a bad situation. You will bring love into your life”. 🐭