National Black Dog Day – 1 October (or every day of the week)

Princess and Look

Princess and Look. Photos: Claire Thornton

In America, 1 October is their National Black Dog Day. Britain have a Black Dog Appreciation Day. These promotions have been devised because there is a view that black animals are harder to home for rescue groups. No one is sure why this is and while everyone has an opinion on it,  there is one thing that shines out – the stunning awesomeness of black dogs. Their glossy shine, their natural “can’t seem to see anybody else” beauty, their special, midnight depth.

At HUHA, every day is National Black Dog Day and people do keep adopting our black dogs. But we do have some breath-taking, stop-you-in-your-tracks, black greyhounds at the moment and we also have Archie, who isn’t a greyhound but is trying to be one (work on the couch potato skills, Archie).

Come and meet our magical, black greyhounds. They are all extraordinarily special and beautiful – waiting to make your national black dog day the best thing that ever happened to you. No spin – they are life changers, every one. And by-the-way, that goes for Archie, the heading dog cross, as well.

Ring us on (04) 392 3232 or email; arrange to meet them and take your special soul mate out for a walk. Black is a priceless, precious thing.



Oh, and you don’t have to ring us on 1 October – it’ll be National Black Dog Day all year.