At HUHA we rely on contributions from the community to help us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals from all around New Zealand.

When it comes to more formal partnerships, we consider each one carefully before saying yes or no.

Auckland-based pet insurer PD Insurance is a partner we welcomed into the family after extensive due diligence. We love that its team is passionate about educating pet parents and others on how to best appreciate, nurture and protect animals (see the PD blog here).

Its stance on animal welfare advocacy – that every animal deserves to be well cared for – echoes our own.

Importantly, this is a pet insurer that doesn’t just talk the talk. PD Insurance has put its money where its mouth is and provides us with thousands of dollars in support every year. PD donates to HUHA a portion of every insurance policy it sells to Kiwis!

If you’re in the market for pet insurance please take two minutes to get a quote from PD here. You might also want to check out its Facebook page, to stay up to date about all things pets.

Know that when you support PD Insurance you’re supporting HUHA and all the animals that need our help. And you’ll nab a fantastic pet insurance policy too…

PD Insurance