Mahogany Orphaned Girl “Pixie”

Pure Bred Welsh Mountain Pony

Steele Grey

12hh mare

DOB August 2001

foals – Fern & Punga


Pixie’s Story


Pixie first arrived at the HUHA Animal Sanctuary when she was just two years old. When Pixie was just months old her mother died of poisoning and Pixie had to be bottle-fed by her breeder.

At just 1.5yrs Pixie was sold to a woman who soon found Pixie’s confident and cheeky manner difficult to cope with. By the time Pixie was 2 years old, she and the woman did not get along at all and the woman found herself losing her temper with Pixie. In desperation the woman phoned the Sanctuary and asked us to take Pixie away before she lost her temper and hurt her.

After we rescue and rehabilitate animals, we look for a caring new home to place them in. We are very careful to choose homes that provide a fun and enriched environment and a home that won’t breed them (there are enough to rescue with out breeding more!!). It is hoped that the new home will love its new family member for life. Usually we are pleased with our careful choice but in the case of Pixie, we sadly made a big mistake.

Pixie loves children, she loves to cuddle and be brushed and she enjoys being taken for long walks, but she has always been too cheeky for children to ride safely. One day, a lady asked if she could have Pixie. She had other ponies for Pixie to play with and was keen to take Pixie to Shows – Pixie loves to ride in a horse float and loves to play and show off so it seemed a perfect match – though we were very sad to see her go!

We visited Pixie and all seemed fine at first. One day we visited her and she had had a foal. Pixie had been used as a broodmare. We weren’t pleased but Pixie and the foal looked happy and healthy. We told the lady that we would be taking Pixie back once the foal was weaned.

Several months later we went to collect Pixie. Our hearts sank, she was shockingly skinny and very depressed – her foal had been weaned and Pixie was left on her own. We took Pixie home with us and set about loving her back to wellness.

Pixie found it hard to cheer up and her weight loss remained a problem; after further investigation we found that her teeth had been worn right down –due to hard grazing conditions. We had a wee cry and felt terrible that we had ever let her go!

One day we saw Pixie’s foal “Fern” advertised for sale on the internet – we drove to the property and brought her home. She was scared of people and a little thin but otherwise OK.

Several months later Pixie was starting to fill out. Then one morning, much to our amazement and horror, we found Pixie standing next to a new born foal, “Punga”

We were delighted to meet little Punga (photographed here with Pixie) but devastated to think that Pixie would have been pregnant with him in her depressed and emaciated condition. So whilst trying to rehome one pony, we somehow ended up with three!!

We have decided to keep Pixie’s family together here at the Sanctuary. They will have a bright future interacting with visiting children as part of our educational programme. It just goes to show, no matter how careful and experienced you are things can sometimes go wrong – we are just so grateful that we were in position to put things right.


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