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Darling ARCHIE.

Archie is an 8-month-old string bean who loves to play, is super sweet and wants to be where you are. He is bright and wants to learn, so continued training and involvement is a must.

He is an active chappie so an active home and a family that will take him out and about with them will make him happy. Archie suffered a head trauma at some stage in his life and as a result is completely blind in one eye. We have seen a specialist and Archie does not need any treatment at this stage and he copes very well with his limited sight. He has learned to adjust and navigates the world with ease.

Archie enjoys playing with other dogs and has lived in a home with children. Archie is not suited to a home with cats.
Archie is a Heading Dog X and he is currently at Club HUHA in Otaki.

Please call us (04) 392-3232 if you would like to meet Archie.

Posted 28 March 2015.





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