Cats for Adoption


Beema came to us as an unneutered male stray cat. We estimated his age as about 2 years old and everyone promptly fell in love with him. He is the smoochiest smoocher and he loves to “chirp” and “talk” to anyone who will listen. He has been neutered, vaccinated, de-fleaed, wormed and microchipped and really needs a loving home.

Beema is very relaxed in the shelter and doesn’t seem to worry about other cats and dogs. Unfortunately, as he was a mature unneutered male cat he has been fighting and has managed to contract FIV, which means he would need to be in a single cat household and stay inside to prevent him from spreading the virus to other cats. Not all cats get sick with FIV; many lead long healthy lives but we don’t want it to spread, hence the recommendation to keep him inside to prevent fighting. Beema needs a loving home where he would give as much loving as he got from his new owners.

Posted on 21 September 2019

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