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He’s so cute!?!

Benji needs/wants a person or couple that is home through the day as he loves company. He will need excellent fencing (secured into the ground) and a home without cats please. He loves other dogs and he adores sitting on your knee for a cuddle, long walks and going everywhere in the car. Another dog for company would be great.

Benji is best suited to an older person or couple that can be his loving companion. He has not lived with small children (but is lovely with them); we think a noisy busy household would stress him, so somewhere quiet and relaxed is best. He is funny, loving, cheeky and incredibly sweet. The perfect little man to be your whole world, as you will be his.

Benji is a Yorkie and is 7 years old. Please call us on (04) 392-3232 to make a time to meet him. He is based at Club HUHA in Otaki.

Posted on 12 May 2019.





A huge thank you to @NZPetfood for supplying HUHA with Addiction Dog food. All of our HUHA dogs thrive on this premium food and we are very grateful for their support.

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