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This gorgeous string bean is part of our farm dog rehoming programme and boy is she just magic.

Super happy, playful and fun with other dogs, Casey just finds joy in everything. She is the biggest smooch too and LOVES attention, cuddles and laying beside you in the sun.

Casey is learning and growing in confidence and is just a sweet gentle girl to have around. She will suit a gentle home where she can zoom with another happy dog. Space is important and as she is used to a rural life, a lifestyle-type home; quiet, semi-rural or a sleepy quiet street would be best. She would stress in the big city environment. Casey has limited life experience, so someone kind and patient to guide her would be perfect. Casey has a great attitude though and is very eager to please so she will learn fast in the big world.

Casey has lived around horses and cows but we are not sure what she would be like with cats as she has not lived them (although she doesn’t seem to have a prey drive). No small kiddies please, she is lovely with children but she may stress with the level of noise.

Casey is 18 months old and a Heading Dog x. She is based at Club HUHA in Otaki
Please call us on (04) 392-3232 to make a time to meet her.

Posted on 11 September 2019.





A huge thank you to @NZPetfood for supplying HUHA with Addiction Dog food. All of our HUHA dogs thrive on this premium food and we are very grateful for their support.

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