Cats and kittens are always looking for homes at HUHA!

We have so many cats and kittens of all different ages, shapes and sizes coming through the shelters and the clinic that we cannot possibly post them all on our adoption page (for instance these beauties in the adjacent pictures are all re-homed). We have cats and kittens whose owners have died or fallen on hard times; we have cats and kittens who have been dumped, abandoned and are strays. Some have been loved, some have never been loved; we have the whole shebang.

All of them are adorable, all ready to be loved, all desexed to break the cycle! They are coming in and going out to great homes all the time.

If you don’t see a cat on this page that looks like they’re a family member for you, please please please email us on enquire.huha@gmail.com. We will have the cat or kitten for you – we just haven’t found a moment to put them on the page. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you Jo Moore Photographer, as ever, for your great work.


  • Ducks!

  • Peacocks

  • Miniature ponies

  • Mallow

  • Vinnie

  • Dottie

  • Diesel and Lewis

  • Toa

  • Elf

  • Cows needing homes

  • Alaska

  • Cats and kittens – we always have them

  • Yearling calves

  • Lolly

  • Henry

  • Brandy and Bailey

  • Lillie

  • Belle

  • Dolly

  • Mice

  • Tinkerbell

  • Maddy

    Something beautiful to love
  • Pigs

  • Small dogs – Squeeeeee!

    Homed - but there'll be others!
  • Cookie

    Brainy - she's ripe for agility
  • Coby

    Full-on, fully worth every ounce of effort!
  • Billie

    Look into those eyes - you're hers now!
  • Lennie

    Devoted companion
  • China

    The sleepiest, smartest cookie
  • Casper

    Heart of gold
  • Ex-battery Hens

    Lovely ladies