Horses for Adoption


Cincade the Kaimanawa has been busy continuing his education in the Waikato. We took him on as an unhandled 11-year-old stallion whose days were numbered. His plight was flagged to us by the wonderful Michele from Liberty Lane and he has since been gelded thanks to Kaimanawa Heritage Horses. He has spent the last five weeks with Murray at Kaipaki Horsemanship where he had his initial handling, feet and teeth done, and been started under saddle. He has proved himself to be an awesome little horse (14.1HH), making great progress, and needs his education to continue and gain some miles with the right confident and experienced person.

He will be in the Waikato for the next few days and after that will be making his way down to us on the Kapiti Coast .

If you have the knowledge and experience required to take on Cincade, and are interested in offering him a home, please get in touch with us on horses.huha@gmail.com. An adoption process and fee will apply.

Please also check out Liberty Lane’s page as Michele has lots of awesome horses up for adoption.

Posted on 31 December 2017.

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