Meet the DUCKS!

We’ve been called in to help a Canterbury duck rescue that is overwhelmed and having to move and downsize. Approximately 170 mixed breed domestic ducks have been signed into our care this week, so we are looking for wonderful and suitable families to rehome them to.

These are pet ducks, mainly Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell crosses. They are not for eating or breeding, they are simply looking for the safe and happy lives they deserve.

There are currently 50 ducks left (at 26 February 2021), so if you have a lifestyle property and pond suitable for pet ducks, please email: enquire.huha@gmail.com

An adoption process applies xx

Thank you HUHA Community. Together we can save lives!

Posted on 26 February 2021.

  • Jeffery

  • Tommy

  • Quatty

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  • Toby

  • Rex

  • Shyla (aka Monkey)

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    Something beautiful to love
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    Homed - but there'll be others!
  • Cookie

    Brainy - she's ripe for agility
  • Coby

    Full-on, fully worth every ounce of effort!
  • Billie

    Look into those eyes - you're hers now!
  • China

    The sleepiest, smartest cookie
  • Casper

    Heart of gold
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    Lovely ladies