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This is Jonah, although he doesn’t particularly like posing for the camera, he is a lovely smoochy boy. He loves to be stroked and have his head rubbed and gives great headbutts. He is very quietly spoken and doesn’t make a fuss, he is a real gentleman.

He has also just had a dental procedure so his teeth are sparkly clean!

Jonah does have kidney issues and is on a special renal food to control this. He needs an owner who is willing to continue this important nutrition & bring him in for regular blood tests to monitor his kidney function. If you can commit to providing for his health, he will pay you back in endless love.
Jonah is roughly 12 yrs old and he has lived with a family in his previous home.
He can co exist with other cats nicely but as an older boy he is more about loving his person and being a big ol’ smooch!

Jonah is based in the Hutt Valley. Please call us on (04) 392-3232.

Posted on 22 June 2019

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