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You may remember Percy – he has been with us quite some time, patiently waiting for his perfect home. Because, you see, we think our Perce is pretty perfect (well almost, but we will explain that later).

Percy – or otherwise affectionately know as, Percy Percival, Mr Handsome, Perfect Percy, Perce, Percy Persimon, Percy Jackson, Percy Poodle, Stud Muffin, or even some of them combined in a sentence of “up you get Percival Poodle you lumpy big lump of love”    – getting the gist???? WE LOVE PERCY, and so does everyone who meets him.

Percy is our “go to” dog for new and novice dog walkers. He has his own fan club and a regular volunteer now takes him off for a sojourn every second Friday with a local greyhound group or just to hang with her at the beach, or check out the café scene, with their mode of transport now called the Percy Mobile.

Percy is a bit bigger than your average greyhound, and we often hear comments like “wow (edited version!) that’s the biggest greyhound I have ever seen”!!

So why is Percy still with us??? Well you see, his perfect home just hasn’t come along, yet. Percy is 9 years old, he does need medication for a thyroid problem and has a bit of arthritis. Percy also has a very high prey drive – which obviously rules out a home with cats or other small furry animals. He would also need to be supervised outside if you have hedgehogs visiting at night.

Percy loves people, has been social with other greyhounds and loves a bit of a walk, and a zoom as greyhounds do, going for car rides and just chillin. Percy would make the most amazing companion for the right person.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Percy or would like to meet him ((04) 392-3232 or enquire.huha@gmail.com).

Posted 13 December 2017





A huge thank you to @NZPetfood for supplying HUHA with Addiction Dog food. All of our HUHA dogs thrive on this premium food and we are very grateful for their support.

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