Cats for Adoption

Meet PIP!

Pip was surrendered into our care with her siblings, and boy, were they feral little ones! We popped them into foster care and we are so grateful to their fosterers for providing such a loving and experienced home environment for them to settle and thrive in. Here is what their foster Dad had to say about Pip:

“Pip is very cheeky and loves to play, he will engage in gentle play (without claws and soft bites). He will play chase and he loves toys. He is very responsive to treats and cuddles (when he has stopped playing!)”.

This wee man is 16 weeks old and currently at the HUHA Vets in Stokes Valley. Please call us on (04) 392-3232 to make a time to meet him. An adoption process applies.

Posted on 19 March 2019

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