Cats for Adoption


Portia’s history is a mystery. She arrived at HUHA Vets as a found stray … hmmm, stray? Yeah nah, this lady’s clearly been around the block, sat in many dining room sunny spots and knows what she likes for dinner. We can only imagine being homeless was on her terms, because she really is a cat that seems in control of her life. And she certainly knows what she wants!

So here is her list of demands (as translated by us):

1. She wants a proper home. One invested in providing for her, not a part-time wannabe or hobby home.
2. She wants something nice for breakfast every morning and bikkies to munch on during the day, she doesn’t worry about her waist line.
3. She wants indoor/outdoor flow. She is a streetwise gal who has been around the block and would like to reign her domain.
4. She would like to be kept safe and sound snugged up in your bed at night.
5. She wants to be loved, but not smothered. Just sitting and enjoying your company is enough … she is not really into PDAs

If you tick all of these boxes and more, please talk to us about our adoption process. Call us on 021 225 5928.

Portia is currently in the Hutt Valley x.

Posted on 26 April 2018.

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