Cats for Adoption


Rolo came into our care recently as a unclaimed stray. He had been living a rough life but that soon changed when he smooched his way into the hearts of the team at the HUHA Vets in Stokes Valley.

Don’t be fooled by the grumpy face in this photo! He’s a sweet, loving boy that is very relaxed and takes the busy environment of the clinic in his stride. He is gentle with people and gets along well with other cats. 

Rolo is roughly three years old (educated guess). He’s quite the gentleman and would suit a home where he can purr madly on your knee, receive treats and sunbathe. Not a bad day really If you are interested in meeting this gorgeous boy, please call us on (04) 392-3232.  He is based in Stokes Valley.

A HUGE thank you to Jo Moore Photographer for the gorgeous photo of Rolo

Posted on 21 February 2019

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