Meet TOM! Mr Tom is a super laid back dude that will snooze on your lap all day long, honestly the most chilled out boy in the world. Nothing fazes him and he LOVES LOVES LOVES a cuddle and a tickle. He's so so special  He needs a little bit more vet treatment before he can go… Continue reading     >


Meet LICORICE! Have you got empty nest syndrome? Have your kids grown and flown the nest? Is there a big hole in your life now that your days of teenager wrangling and adolescent drama and chaos have passed? Well have we got a hole filler for you! Meet Licorice - drama and chaos are her middle… Continue reading     >


Meet ELVIS! Oh, what a heart throb!!! Elvis the pelvis is available for adoption. This boy is a serious good catch. If you are looking for an intense love affair, the obsessive demanding kind, then this is the cat for you. He won't care if you're having a bad hair day or if you can't quite… Continue reading     >

Daphne, Cosmos and Iris

Meet DAPHNE, COSMOS and IRIS Three flowers needing a garden! Daphne, Cosmos and Iris recently lost the person they loved the most when she unexpectedly passed away. They are not fancy, or young and cute. Some might say they are wallflowers, but to their departed Mum, these three cats were her company, her joy, her… Continue reading     >


Meet BONNIE! The thing is, we've created a monster ... actually a diva. Bonnie came to us in such a sorry state and now that we have loved and healed her back to life, HUHA style ... she is treating us like the hired help. Bonnie is in a Bonnie bubble of self obsession and… Continue reading     >


Meet POLLY Polly is a quiet, gentle, soft, loving, older girl in need of a home just like that. She will quietly cuddle and spend the day in the sun, being the perfect companion. Polly will need time to settle with an understanding owner who will give her the time and peace to find her way.… Continue reading     >


Meet PORTIA! Portia's history is a mystery. She arrived at HUHA Vets as a found stray ... hmmm, stray? Yeah nah, this lady's clearly been around the block, sat in many dining room sunny spots and knows what she likes for dinner. We can only imagine being homeless was on her terms, because she really… Continue reading     >