Meet KINKY! Here’s one with a bit of X factor! Wee Kinky had a rough start to life. Found in the street, with no siblings or mother in sight, she was brought into the team at HUHA Vets on News Year's Day at only about 4 weeks old. It was obvious from the start that… Continue reading     >


Meet DELILAH! Delilah is an unclaimed stray and is hanging out with the team at the HUHA Vets. Miss Delilah is an older, independent girl that enjoys a smooch from time to time but is happy in her own company and loves a good spot in the sun to watch the world go by. She… Continue reading     >


Meet CAPTAIN! Captain and his siblings were uplifted by the police and brought to the HUHA Vets. Captain is a super playful dude that enjoys the company of other cats and loves company. He would love his own home and would suit any home, although he is a little hissy at dogs. He's a cuddle monkey too  Captain… Continue reading     >


Meet BETTY! Darling old Betty was a unclaimed stray. Betty is very old and we would dearly love a retirement home for her for the remainder of her life. We are thinking she is 15 years old. A warm spot in front of the fire and a quiet loving home is all she needs. Betty is so… Continue reading     >


Meet ROLO Rolo came into our care recently as a unclaimed stray. He had been living a rough life but that soon changed when he smooched his way into the hearts of the team at the HUHA Vets in Stokes Valley. Don't be fooled by the grumpy face in this photo! He's a sweet, loving… Continue reading     >


Meet LICORICE! Have you got empty nest syndrome? Have your kids grown and flown the nest? Is there a big hole in your life now that your days of teenager wrangling and adolescent drama and chaos have passed? Well have we got a hole filler for you! Meet Licorice - drama and chaos are her middle… Continue reading     >


Meet BONNIE! The thing is, we've created a monster ... actually a diva. Bonnie came to us in such a sorry state and now that we have loved and healed her back to life, HUHA style ... she is treating us like the hired help. Bonnie is in a Bonnie bubble of self obsession and… Continue reading     >


Meet POLLY Polly was surrendered to us by her owner and as she has been with us for a while now, we would love for her to find her happy ever after. When Polly first came to us she was so shy. She would hide away from us, preferring a box to peep out of… Continue reading     >