Meet GEM! Isn't she lovely??!! Gem has had a bit of an up and down past but it didn't diminish her soft heart and sweet nature. She is a bit of a chunky lass, not in weight but in size (we call that "big boned" ) and she is the perfect size to throw your arms around… Continue reading     >


Meet LILLIE! Lillie, the typical Bull Terrier (she is a Bull Terrier X), is a power house! Sweet, super playful with other dogs, 100 miles an hour, lovable, smart and DEAF. Lillie is strong but keen to get amongst it so continued training, experienced owners and an active home is a MUST. Lillie is learning sign… Continue reading     >


Meet JACK! Check out this big handsome boy! We should have called him Goofy instead of Jack because he is such a goofy, playful, gentle lovable boy! He has lived with lots of kiddies, cats, dogs and is good with stock. Jack is stunning! Innocent and open in nature and loves everyone in a typical Labrador… Continue reading     >


Meet RUBY This little ray of sunshine is a recent arrival at Club HUHA. She is a Foxy/Whippet X and is around 1 year old. Ruby is such a ball of energy and fun. A happy girl, loves to go walking and loves to play. She is not suited to a home with cats or chickens and… Continue reading     >


Meet NINJA! Darling Ninja come to us at HUHA as part of our farm dog rehoming programme. When Ninja first arrived she was extremely timid and needed time to settle. She has come such a long way with her confidence and is now ready to try a new adventure and find her family. Ninja would suit… Continue reading     >


Meet LEROY! What can we say about Leroy? It's hard to believe that when Leroy first came to Club HUHA he was so fearful he would't let anyone touch him below his head. Every time we carefully ran our hands down his back for a soft stroke he flinched and bolted away. We couldn't put… Continue reading     >


Meet MORO Our sweet as chocolate girl Moro is available for adoption. Moro is a heading dog x and is approx. 3 ½ years old. Moro is another gorgeous dog from our farm dog rehoming project. Everyone who meets Moro falls in love with her – she is THE BEST snuggler in the world we… Continue reading     >


Meet BELLA Beautiful Bella? Bouncing Bella? Bonnie Bella? There are so many different words we could use to describe Bella and one would never be enough! This scrummy girl doesn't know she is 7 years old and going grey already. She thinks she is 2 and has the energy to prove it! Bella LOVES people!… Continue reading     >


Meet OLLY The photos say it all! Olly is a goofy kid and so full of life and joy  Olly is very clever, energetic and enthusiastic and he is looking for a family to match! Olly will keep you on your toes and you will need to be able to keep him mentally and physically… Continue reading     >


Meet SUZIE This cute wee button is Suzie - she is just 7 months old and a Bull Terrier X. Suzie is a good girl and is bursting with personality . She is just itching to be included in whatever is happening and loves company (not the Nigel No Mates kind of dog is Suzie!) Suzie is… Continue reading     >