Meet SAMMY! Sammy is part of our Farm Dog rehoming programme and has lived with other dogs on a rural property. Sammy can be a shy boy and lacks a bit of confidence, so another, preferably female, dog for guidance and company would be ideal. Sammy needs space around him to relax. He is a going… Continue reading     >


Meet BENNY! Benny is an 8-month-old Lab/possibly Retriever/Staffy X (with a few other breeds mixed in) that is such a fab puppy. He is full of beans so an active home is very important. He loves playing with other dogs and gets in on the action and play with his group of fur friends and… Continue reading     >


Meet LILLIE! Lillie, the typical Bull Terrier (she is a Bull Terrier X), is a power house! Sweet, super playful with other dogs, 100 miles an hour, lovable, smart and DEAF. Lillie is strong but keen to get amongst it so continued training, experienced owners and an active home is a MUST. Lillie is learning sign… Continue reading     >


Meet BELLA Beautiful Bella? Bouncing Bella? Bonnie Bella? There are so many different words we could use to describe Bella and one would never be enough! This scrummy girl doesn't know she is 7 years old and going grey already. She thinks she is 2 and has the energy to prove it! Bella LOVES people!… Continue reading     >


Meet OLLY The photos say it all! Olly is a goofy kid and so full of life and joy  Olly is very clever, energetic and enthusiastic and he is looking for a family to match! Olly will keep you on your toes and you will need to be able to keep him mentally and physically… Continue reading     >


Meet SUZIE This cute wee button is Suzie - she is just 7 months old and a Bull Terrier X. Suzie is a good girl and is bursting with personality . She is just itching to be included in whatever is happening and loves company (not the Nigel No Mates kind of dog is Suzie!) Suzie is… Continue reading     >


Meet HOWIE Howie is stunning, in personality and in looks. He has lived in a home with cats, enjoys the company of other dogs and is lovely with everyone he meets. Howie' s wish list would be someone home with him or doggie daycare if you can't be. He will pine if you work full time and… Continue reading     >

Small dogs – Squeeeeee!

Are you looking for a small dog but never seem to see one on the HUHA adoption page, no matter how often you look? No, HUHA is not sizist. We often rescue small dogs, have small dogs surrendered or get asked to help re-home them. Life in a shelter, with all those big dogs, can… Continue reading     >


ATTENTION AGILITY PEEPS Cookie is a star. A superstar really. She is hugely intelligent, quick, motivated to learn and obsessed with balls. Cookie has fantastic basic commands and will follow direction with focus and devotion. Cookie is not suited to a farm/lifestyle block as she reacts to farm animals and she not suited to a… Continue reading     >


Meet big yummy COBY Calling that special someone. Coby is a special project that is looking for someone to understand his needs. Coby is a strong boy with a soft heart and he wants his days to be involved, active and with his person. He needs a job to do and craves love and purpose.… Continue reading     >