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Minnie and Pudding1We want you all to know Pudding. There are many good reasons why but one of the main reasons is that she has been the Matriarch of HUHA Otaki for many years.

Pudding came to us in 2012 from a little town up north. It would seem that she came from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, and had quite the colourful life. A bit of a street dog, not particularly belonging to anyone, we can imagine she got into lots of trouble and had many many litters of pups along the way. She even has a bullet wedged in her chest and we can only guess how and why THAT happened!

Pudding landed at HUHA (via the pound) with wobbly elbows, a lumpy bum, very overweight, undesexed, stumpy teeth and a very uncool name (1080). We promptly all fell in love and called her Pudding.

This old staffy X loved to rark up with the other staffy bitches and immediately took her role of overseeing the daily comings and goings very seriously. To say she was in charge was a bit of an understatement in her mind but hey, you just couldn’t help but laugh or tut at her staunch attitude.

Boy, Pudding can smile. Her smile is infectious. She’s a smiler. She is also a cuddler and when she cuddles she smiles.

So Pudding was a little overlooked by the general public. She was old and arthritic. We did rehome her twice though. Her first home lasted 12 hours (not sure what happened there) and her second home lasted roughly 2 months.

Now let us explain that Pudding would follow us EVERYWHERE. She would NEVER leave our side and would tootle along behind with her eyes firmly fixed to us and her need to be with us. But in her second home she would run away – for hours. Her poor lady would be searching everywhere for her and would quite often lose her on the beach.

When she was returned to us, Pudding leapt from the car and RAN (she didn’t often run) straight for us, into the kitchen; the biggest smile on her face and BOOM that was it. Pudding was home. She picked us. We were it for her. She found her people after many years of uncertainty in that little town up north and that was just fine with us. We gave up looking for her forever home and concentrated on giving Pudding staff status and a full life worthy of her love.Kim and Pudding

Puds was a constant fixture in the HUHA cars, going out on missions or HUHA chores. She would come with us to feed the horses and the chickens and potter around looking for trouble all she liked.

Pud and Min

Pudding and Minnie

In her later years she decided she quite liked puppies, especially a puppy called Minnie (a little special needs puppy) and she would be the Auntie/Nana/Grandma to many little ratbags that needed a bit of stern but loving guidance. Her love for Minnie grew as time went on and Minnie loved her fiercely in return. In fact Puds was Minnie’s comfort, family and protection all rolled into one.

One thing that Puds did every morning much to our delight and quick reflexes was to bounce out of her bedroom with so much joy. She BOUNCED and her joy at seeing us would often result in an excited nip to our bums (hence the quick reflexes). She would come out and roll in the grass, play with Minnie, stand waiting for her morning kisses and cuddles from us (that were plentiful) and do a lap of the front grassy area to patrol, sort and confirm.

As time went on our wobbly old girl developed a small hard tumour (many vets advised against removal due to age etc) and her arthritis thickened in her joints. Her cancer was a little tiny lump and under vet treatment we nuked any discomfort she had anywhere and she lived, loved and continued to be the boss with all the happiness in the world.

We LOVED her. We ADORED her. We ACCEPTED her for all she was.

Pudding and ClaireShe would often come home with staff and this year she spent a great deal of time in one home most of all.

Just recently Pudding grew old. Her cancers decided to grow at a fast and fierce rate and her arthritis began to slow her down at a pace that we knew was getting the better of her. She still bounced every morning, patrolled and rarked and loved her Minnie and us but we knew her time with us was running out.

Pudding was pain free, comfortable and happy but we knew we needed to make that tough decision for her and we didn’t want her to suffer in anyway. She deserved the world and to us she was the world.

Her final weeks were spent in comfort, as always. Either at the shelter with her family or in a home with her second family. Trips in the car, to the beach and endless cuddles, kisses and love. We cherished every smile and we loved every cuddle and we laughed at every bounce.

Her final day with us was spent doing all the things she loved, with all the people she loved. We gathered at the shelter and surrounded her with all she knew. The team popped in to say goodbye and many of us stayed for her final moments. We surrounded her, kissing her, holding her, smiling through our tears and we held her in our hands with Minnie by her side when she passed away peacefully.

We have rescued and rehomed so many beautiful dogs over the years. We are proud of and love them all but just this once one of them wanted to stay and be our family and we feel so very honoured that she choose us for her own. Our hearts are broken at her loss. Our grief is raw and we miss her every day but sometimes that one special soul comes into our lives to teach us that to love that much also comes with the heavy price of loss.

We will and do miss her so much. It was our gift to her for all that she gave us that we could let her go with love. Our love. Her family.

We love you Puddy Pants. We will look after Minnie for you. Fly high and free. Thank you for being our HUHA girl.

Millie and Pudding