When I didn’t do as he wanted, he would use an electric cattle prod to punish me.

He wanted me to win – to gallop fast around the barrels – he wanted the trophy for his shelf.

I feared him, I feared all people.

I’d panic and I’d fight. I wanted to get far away.

They said I was dangerous, not to be trusted.

She is calm and kind, her actions are gentle.

It’s taken 4 years to slowly build our friendship, but I will go anywhere with her now. She knows not to pressure me.

She took the metal bit from my mouth – we don’t need one.

We communicate without force, without words

She trusts and respects me – I trust and respect her.

She loves to watch me play with the other horses,

To her I am not a sport to perfect – a vehicle to achievement.

To her I am family. She puts my needs first.

Other animals have overcome their special needs and are now successfully adopted into loving homes.

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