If you have lost or found a pet, please send us the following details and we will put the call out to our HUHA community to help locate or find the owners of a pet.

I’ve found a pet. What do I do?

  • If it is injured please take it to your nearest veterinary clinic straight away. New Zealand vets are also required by law to treat injured wildlife so if you find an injured bird please take them there too.
  • If the animal is not injured – check LostPet.co.nz  or Trade Me to see if a lost advert has been posted. You can also take it to your local vet or animal shelter to get it scanned for a microchip, which if registered, may lead to the owner’s details. If you have no luck locating the owner with either of these avenues, please contact HUHA as below. We recommend also posting a found ad on LostPet.co.nz

Lost or Found Animal Information

Please fill in the following information and email to enquire.huha@gmail.com. If your enquiry is urgent please contact us by phone.

  1. Lost or found?
  2. Animal type (e.g. Dog, cat)
  3. Breed (e.g. Jack Russell)
  4. Details relevant to situation (e.g. Where was the lost pet last seen, where was the found pet located? Please use dates and approx times if you can.)
  5. Location found or lost from
  6. Your contact details
  7. Please attach a photo of the animal.

Lost and Found Pets