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Here you will find previous news articles, TV clips and radio programmes relating to HUHA. Not everything is here, alas, but we are gradually adding them in.

If you have any media enquiries please contact us on or (04) 392-3232



10 February 2019 – Tasman fire: Evacuated pets and stock in best of hands

From the New Zealand Herald, Carolyn Press McKenzie’s response as the Nelson fire started to take hold and making a sanctuary for the now 460 evacuated animals and birds, “This is what we do. We have got this.”


9 February 2019 – Shelter created for hundreds of animals evacuated from their homes in Tasman region

A clip from One News Now with Carolyn Press McKenzie, HUHA’s founder, speaking about responding to the news of the Nelson bush fires and the setting up of the animal shelter.


9 February 2019 – Nelson’s Bush Fires – Richmond’s Land-based Ark

HUHA sets up a temporary shelter for rescued and evacuated animals during the raging bush fires of Nelson. At this point there were about 350 animals in the shelter at the Richmond Showgrounds (there were soon to be many more).


14 January 2017 – Radio New Zealand’s Summer Pet Hazards

Radio New Zealand interviews HUHA’s Carolyn Press McKenzie on her advice in connection with separation issues over the holiday period and generally. “Separation anxiety can be a huge issue for pets and pet owners at this time of year. Leaving them when you go on holiday or leaving them in a hurry … like during a natural disaster. What should you look out for when you’re reunited?” Click on the title to this item to hear the interview.

(archive link)


3 January 2017 – Sam Hart – another HUHA Local Hero

Sam Hart, head of the HUHA horses team, was awarded a local hero medal at the end of 2016. We are so proud to see her recognised and honoured for her work. See the article about her in stuff (click on the title to this item).


3 April 2016 – Vigil at Ngaruawahia, mourning the death of pigs after a fire in the shed

HUHA holds a vigil outside the Brien Farm in Hopuhopu, north of Ngaruawahia. A chain of 1500 signed placards (signatures gathered in just one day) were placed along the fence to express mourning for the 50 pigs and untold piglets burnt to death on 1 April 2016 on a farm where such an event has happened now on three occasions. Change is sought in support of stricter regulations to help intensively farmed animals.


20 March 2016 – Two legs good, two wheels better: new ride for Beanie the abandoned pup

Jellybean, found crippled on a river bank, was rescued by the Maidstone Veterinary Clinic and found to have suffered from a rare parasite called neosporosis which causes paralysis and muscle wastage. The clinic treated Beanie and asked HUHA if they would take him in. Now he’s learning to use wheels so he can keep up with his mates.


16 March 2016 – Carolyn Press McKenzie interview with Paul Henry about a proposed cat bylaw

Carolyn Press McKenzie explains to Paul Henry why the proposed Wellington City Council cat bylaw isn’t the answer – and what the answer actually is.

(archive link)


5 December 2015 – Animal rights campaigners and mental health advocate Mike King welcome ban on ‘cruel’ pig crates

Ban on cruel pig crates welcomed by HUHA and Mike King.


5 November 2015 – HUHA team members recognised

Otaki shelter manager Claire Thornton presented with the Kiwibank Regional Local Hero Award, and Carolyn Press-McKenzie  nominated for the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year award.


24 June 2015 – Otaki’s Huha shelter moving to make way for quarry

“When you’re leasing, you always know it’s not going to be forever” – Carolyn Press-McKenzie.


23 June 2015 – Newstalk ZB radio interview with Carolyn Press-McKenzie

Carolyn Press-McKenzie, the founder of charity organisation Helping You Help Animals talks to Tim Fookes about her new book Animal Magic: My journey to save thousands of animals.

(archive link)


17 June 2015 – A Champion for Animal Welfare

Kapiti News – see page 10. Claire Thornton, Otaki Shelter Manager and HUHA Trustee, is nominated for a Pride of New Zealand award

(archive link)


15 June 2015 – HUHA with Nine to Noon

HUHA talks to “Nine to Noon” about all things HUHA

(archive link)


14 June 2015 – The Under Dogs

TV One’s Sunday: Behind the scenes at HUHA
A huge thank you to all of the volunteers and our amazing HUHA Community … it is together that we will bring about the greatest change. We are so grateful for every single one of you and all the passion you bring.

(archive link)


8 June 2015 – Wellington drowning in unwanted dogs

Radio New Zealand National ( The founder of HUHA says Wellington is drowning in unwanted dogs. The Panel (Jim Mora and panelists) talk to Carolyn Press-McKenzie about why this is happening and what can be done.

(archive link)


8 June 2015 – Hundreds of Wellington dogs put down because of irresponsible owners

Article on


4 March 2015 – Tank has Thanks for HUHA

Kapiti News article about Tank, going home after being cured of his mange

(broken link)


4 March 2015 – Tank’s Good to Go

Northern Advocate article about Tank, going home after being cured of his mange

(broken link)


3 April 2014 – Gas Chamber removed at the Wanganui Pound; HUHA’s part in the mediation and solution

Wanganui District Council media release

(archive link)


30 July 2013 – Animal Testing Protests: no party pill testing on animals

New Zealand Herald

(orig broken link)


21 May 2013 – Petition calls for Ban on animal testing

TV 3 News

(archive link)


10 May 2013 – HUHA comes to the rescue

When the Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary had to close down, HUHA “agreed to home all the remaining animals which no-one else will take from the Franklin Zoo & Wildlife Sanctuary. 1x ex-circus pig tail macaque monkey, 3x capuchin monkeys and 1x 20 year old one eyed hawk.”

(broken link)


18 June 2012 – New life for beagles raised in cages

The Director of the Valley Animal Research Centre, an animal testing research facility, sold the beagles, when the facility closed down, on Trade Me. HUHA bought those beagles and rehomed them – this is a follow-up piece by Campbell Live on how the beagles that were rehomed were getting on.

(broken link)


24 June 2011 – The Christchurch earthquakes and HUHA’s rescue and help mission

Campbell Live footage.

(broken link)


28 Jul 2010 – Freedom of the City.

Article in the Dominion Post.


17 May 2009 – HUHA helps TV 3, SAFE and Mike King expose cruelty in pig farming

Mike King, stand-up comic, TV frontman and once known as the face of the New Zealand Pork industry through their TV advertisements, now accuses the industry he once represented of legalised cruelty to pigs. HUHA’s Carolyn Press-McKenzie goes undercover to get information and rescue Piggy Sue.



1 Jun 2008 – Every Animal Matters, Article in HER Magazine, June 2008

Article about Carolyn Press-McKenzie in HER Magazine


1 Apr 2008 – Wild About Animals – Article in Wellington CityLife

Recently Huha was the main feature in CityLife, a community newspaper in Wellington.


29 Mar 2008 – Animal Instincts – Article about Huha in Dominion Post, March 29 2008

An extensive article about Huha in the Dominion Post, Wellington


25 Feb 2008 – Orangutans need your help

Orangutans are being slaughtered to allow for our consumer demands


1 Jan 2008 – Pakuratahi Animal Sanctuary – News Letter Chirstmas 2007

News, updates, recues from Pakuratahi Animal Sanctuary


12 Dec 2006 – Chicken rescue 2006

(broken link)



15 Aug 2006 – Pakuratahi Animal Sanctuary – News Letter August 2006


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