Sad time for HUHA – we lose Laurie, our Legend

Rarely is there a time at HUHA for quiet and pause but we have been brought to a stop with the passing of Laurie. 

Laurie’s story is a typical HUHA one – he was a circus monkey, broken for entertainment and with his broken ribs and stress alopecia he was rescued by HUHA and given a life of love and care and respect and accommodation for all that Laurie needed to recover and be fulfilled. 

In typical Kaitoke sanctuary style, he developed a life long friendship with an animal of another species, Jungle, the cat. He had his own fan club and a group of devotees who sponsored his needs. 

The HUHA founders, Carolyn and Jim were everything to Laurie. Carolyn flew home, in the middle of a big rescue job, to be by Laurie’s side, to do whatever he needed, to have his back as always. He died peacefully and happy in the usual place, the arms of the people who have always loved him.

Forever HUHA, forever loved; our brother Laurie.

Read a bit about him here in this Radio New Zealand story.