Sam Hart – Local Hero

Our beloved Sam – so well overdue for community recognition; it’s wonderful for us to see the community knowing what we’ve always known and loved about Sam.

Sam heads our horses’ team – she guides and inspires a team of 10 loyal volunteers. HUHA takes in horses from the community that would otherwise have no good options left to them.  They may be old, neglected, unhandled, have physical or emotional issues and be on their way to the slaughterhouse.  Sam’s team give them routine and respect – earning their trust again, as well as quality of care.  The older horses stay with us for the duration of their natural lives – the others until we find them suitable forever homes.

Sam is passionate, knowledgeable and driven. She digs deep and problem solves, achieving outstanding accomplishments, such as successfully leading her team of HUHA volunteers to rescue and rehabilitate 38 wild/unhandled Kaimanawa/Kaimanawa Xs).  They have tirelessly worked with those wild horses and placed them in their new homes and keep in contact to continue support when needed (just this month we received an update with pictures of a very proud little girl sitting on her Kaimanawa horse having just won a whole lot of ribbons at a show with her).  Thanks to Sam these once disposable horses now have a great start to a bright new future … they, like Sam, are a tool of hope and compassion in our communities.

And like all committed HUHA people, we get a whole lot more on top from Sam. Sam has coordinated the rescue and rehoming of thousands of battery chooks from all over New Zealand.   She has also built relationships with corporates such as Kiwirail, allowing us to carry out logistically difficult and urgent rescues.

Thank you Sam, for all you are and all you do!